On June 05, 2019

Why and how better trajectory analysis can improve your airline operations?

Flight trajectories data is a gold mine for optimizing airline operations.


Indeed, many savings opportunities are possible for airlines around trajectories, such as:

  • Discussing with Air Traffic Control (ATC) the access to optimal cruise altitudes
  • Identifying the shortest arrival approach
  • ...
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On May 27, 2019

How to prepare for a fuel efficiency solution implementation?

 Starting a fuel efficiency program is a huge project: from setting up your fuel team to choosing the right fuel efficiency tool to better monitor and measure your fuel results.

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On May 09, 2019

How to better communicate with your fuel team?

Setting up your fuel team is often the first step, but a successful fuel efficiency program can be effective only when all related staff work together and are fully engaged.

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On April 16, 2019

How to better engage pilots?

Why is engaging pilots crucial?


Fuel continues to be the number one cost for any airline, representing more than 30% of the total costs in most cases.


The good news is that fuel cost does not just depend on fuel price but also fuel efficiency. And when it comes to fuel efficiency, pilots are...

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On April 03, 2019

How to better earn pilot trust?

Put pilots at the center of your fuel efficiency program

In a previous blog article "How earning pilot trust can improve your airline efficiency," we explained that engaging pilots and earning their trust could be very rewarding:

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On March 20, 2019

How earning pilots trust can improve your airline efficiency?

We would dare to say that putting a fuel efficiency program in place without putting pilots at the center and working hard to earn their trust is doomed with failure.


Of course, a fuel efficiency program should be holistic and look at areas of improvement, not just in Flight Operations but in...

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On March 04, 2019

4 key factors for a successful fuel program

Starting a fuel efficiency program is a challenging project: from setting up your fuel team to choosing a fuel efficiency tool to better monitor and measure your fuel results; there are many stakeholders to involve and challenges to overcome.


That’s why we wanted to share with you 4 key...

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On February 04, 2019

How to use the cost of weight to be more fuel efficient?

Fuel efficiency depends on many criteria. One of the most important is weight: the more weight you add on an aircraft, the more fuel you need to fly it.


The link between aircraft weight variations and fuel consumption is called the cost of weight. If the use of this indicator is not that clear...

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On December 21, 2018

What you need to know about Reduced Acceleration Altitude

Pilots are the main actors to improve fuel efficiency since a lot of initiative to save fuel must be applied during flights.


That’s why this new series of articles will focus on giving you tips and tricks for many industry best practices for fuel efficiency.

such as Continuous Descent Approach...

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On December 03, 2018

[ROI Calculator] How much fuel savings can your airline achieve?

Following our previous article of the math of airline fuel efficiency, you probably already got familiar with the simple formula and tried our basic savings calculator spreadsheet.


Want to go further and know exactly how much fuel savings your airline can achieve using a fuel efficiency tool...

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