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On November 16, 2021

Road To Energy Efficiency With Royal Air Maroc

At Royal Air Maroc, carbon emissions is an important subject. In 2020, the airline committed to a target of net-zero carbon emissions by 2050.

They implemented SkyBreathe® 360° eco-flying software, to improve both economic and environmental performance.

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On November 10, 2021

Air Caraïbes and French Bee become the first Green Pilot® certified airlines for their commitment to sustainability

Paris, November 10th, 2021 – Air Caraïbes and French Bee announced today, during the COP26, that they became the first airlines in the world to be fully Green Pilot® certified. This new label recognizes airlines that have developed a robust carbon-reducing program in their operations and have...

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On November 08, 2021

[Interview] Why SkyBreathe® Aircraft Performance Monitoring allows airlines to save fuel?

Alexandre Feray, CEO at OpenAirlines explains why we brought the SkyBreathe® Aircraft Performance Monitoring idea to life, and Nicolas Pinchemel, Data Scientist, unveils why this new module is something BIG that will change the daily work of airlines engineers.

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On November 04, 2021

[Interview] Introducing SkyBreathe® Aircraft Performance Monitoring

Interview of Nicolas Pinchemel, Data Scientist at OpenAirlines.

A few words about his background: Nicolas Pinchemel has been a data scientist at OpenAirlines for three years.He specialized in flight data analysis and cruise aircraft performance.He has been working on APM performance computation...

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On November 04, 2021

Three benefits of Aircraft Performance Monitoring to improve your operations

As aircraft age, their performance tends to lower. This degradation of performance can be explained by the usual performance degradation and many incidents or factors that can reduce the performance of an aircraft, such as a misrigging of a spoiler, a dirty fuselage, etc.

Aircraft performance...

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On November 04, 2021

OpenAirlines launches SkyBreathe APM, a revolutionary aircraft performance monitoring solution to maximize fuel savings

OpenAirlines today introduces SkyBreathe Aircraft Performance Monitoring (APM), a new solution to help airlines continuously measure the performance of each aircraft in their fleet. The solution comes fully integrated with SkyBreathe® 360° eco-flying platform the leading solution in the...

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On October 22, 2021

Aerospace Tech Week: Meet our team!

OpenAirlines will be at Aerospace Tech Week, 3rd and 4th November 2021 at Centre de Congrès et d'Exposition Diagora, Toulouse, France - Booth 146, Flight Ops Hall.

Come talk fuel savings with our experts and discover our SkyBreathe® 360° eco-flying platform that uses big data to help airlines...

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On October 14, 2021

SkyBreathe® accelerate the world's transition to sustainable aviation

We developed SkyBreathe® 360° eco-flying platform to reduce aviation’s fuel costs and CO2 emissions.

SkyBreathe® Analytics analyzes a huge quantity of data from the aircraft, weather, air traffic control, and maintenance. Through Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, and Machine learning, it...

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On October 11, 2021

How do pilots play a major role in aviation transition?

Aviation is at a turning point and is probably facing its greatest challenge, the environmental transition, while it is still under the incredible economic burden of the Covid crisis. The industry has recently set ambitious objectives for reducing its carbon footprint. If technology is essential...

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On October 11, 2021

Introducing SkyBreathe® 360° eco-flying platform

All fuel efficiency solutions to accelerate airlines' path to reduce CO2 emissions. 

The SkyBreathe® software is now a complete 360° platform that integrates multiple products that have been designed to involve all stakeholders and spread a vibrant green culture in your airline to reduce fuel...

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