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On December 10, 2020

[White paper] The Green Airlines Fuel Book

Fuel Efficiency as a concept or an initiative is well-known in our industry but too many airlines do not have a Fuel Efficiency program!

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On September 07, 2020

[White paper] Learn more about Engine-Out Taxi-In


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On September 04, 2020

[White paper] Four questions about Idle Reverse Thrust


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On October 24, 2018

[White paper] How to use big data analytics to improve fuel efficiency?

The spike in fuel prices, generally airlines’ biggest cost, is quickly eroding carriers’ profits and jeopardizing their development.

Using this limited resource smartly has become the main priority for all aircraft operators around the globe. That’s why most of them have already set up a fuel...

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On September 25, 2018

[White paper] Introduction to CORSIA

From 2019 onwards, airlines need to monitor their CO2 emissions for international flights.

Are you still feeling unclear about what CORSIA is and how you should prepare? Time to get more familiar with it, download our white paper: 

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