[Webinar] The 3 Pillars of Sustainability for Aviation

Date: Monday, 7 Jun 2021

Time: 2:00 PM UTC+1

Duration: 1 hour


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💻 In this webinar hosted by The Aviation Base, you will learn more about the concept of the ‘3 pillars’ of Sustainability – People, Planet & Profit 🌍.

"After enjoying a significant period of growth in air travel, the Aviation industry now faces a number of challenges that, if solutions are not found, would impact the industry in years to come. For a workable future, Aviation must act to ensure its ongoing relevance in the aspects of social, climate and economic sustainability.
There is no better time to review the multifaceted efforts being made to secure the future of air transportation".  

🗣️ Speakers: Suzanne Kearns, PhD (University of Waterloo), Simon Witts (Founder and CEO of IASTI) and Alexandre Feray (Founder and CEO of OpenAirlines).

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