[Webinar] Driving fuel efficiency with advanced data analytics

Join us on January 9th for this exciting webinar, "Driving fuel efficiency with advanced data analytics" featuring  IndiGo’s Associate Director of Performance Engineering, Ravi Bajaj. He will share his insights on the airline’s remarkable journey towards fuel efficiency excellence. Register now to secure your spot: 


The significance of fuel in aircraft operations, both economically and environmentally, cannot be overstated. Addressing global concerns, this webinar will delve into IndiGo's efforts to enhance fuel efficiency. IndiGo is the largest Indian airline with a fleet of over 320 aircraft, primarily modern Airbus A320, A321neo, and ATR aircraft. Efficiency and sustainability at IndiGo are not just collective commitments but result from meticulous efforts by the airline's Performance Team, led by Ravi.

During this webinar, Ravi will highlight his team's crucial role in supporting IndiGo's Flight Operations and implementing fuel-saving initiatives. The journey begins with pinpointing areas for operational improvement and delves into how the team carefully analyzes these opportunities. Once the root cause is identified, they embark on strategic planning and executing measures to address the issue, fostering a continuous improvement cycle within IndiGo's flight operations.

What to expect?

Here's a sneak peek of what Ravi Bajaj, Associate Director of Performance Engineering at IndiGo, and Maedeh Ravan, Customer Success Manager at OpenAirlines, will cover:

  • Discover the power of a data-driven approach to fuel efficiency with insights from IndiGo's extensive experience.
  • Deep dive into the fuel initiatives implemented by the airline and understand how they leverage data analysis to enhance performance.
  • Gain exclusive insights on the airline's ongoing implementation of a pilot app designed to equip the crew with actionable data and decision-making tools.
  • Witness a live demonstration of the SkyBreathe® Analytics and see the impact it can have on your operations.
  • Plus plenty of time for Ravi and Maedeh to answer all of your questions.

Date & time

Date: Tuesday, 9 January 2024

Time: 9:30 am (UTC+1)

Duration: 1 hour




Ravi Bajaj -  Associate Director of Performance Engineering  at IndiGo

Ravi has over 15 years of experience in the Aviation industry with expertise in Aircraft Performance Engineering, Flight Dispatch and Route Navigation. His career journey began in 2006 with American Airlines, and in 2008, he moved to IndiGo in the Flight operations (Support) department as a Performance Engineer. He worked with Emirates from 2012-2018 as an Aeronautical Services Superintendent. Currently leading the Performance engineering vertical in IndiGo, he possesses a deep understanding of Aircraft performance operational cost optimization, and fuel efficiency. Currently, he along with the Ops efficiency team is responsible for developing, implementing, and monitoring fuel efficiency strategy and reducing the overall operational costs in IndiGo based on data analysis, leading to data-driven decision-making.



Maedeh Ravan - Customer Success Manager at OpenAirlines

Maedeh serves as a Customer Success Manager at OpenAirlines. Fueled by her aspiration for deeper involvement in the aviation industry, she made the decision to relocate to Toulouse, renowned as the European Aviation Capital. There, she pursued studies in Air Transport Operations Management, providing her with the opportunity to engage in various projects such as Airworthiness and Certificate, Airport Planning, Airline Management, and Flight Operation. Her current role is particularly intriguing to Maedeh because it involves collaborating with different airlines to contribute to the development of a sustainable future for aviation. Moreover, in her earlier experiences, she actively contributed as a member of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA), engaging enthusiastically in their annual aircraft design competitions. Furthermore, she gained valuable experience in Air Traffic Control Centers during her academic studies.

Interested to see how IndiGo has used AI and Big Data technology to optimize fuel consumption and establish a company-wide fuel efficiency program in a span of a few years? Register now to secure your spot and join us for a webinar that promises to be both enlightening and inspiring! 


*Please note this webinar is for airlines and aircraft operators only.


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