Korean Air's experience implementing SkyBreathe®

During the last OpenDay edition, we were honored to discuss with a member of Korean Air's Fuel Department. Allow us to introduce Rhee Yoo, an exceptional dispatcher at Korean Air, as we explore their firsthand account of optimizing their fuel efficiency program with SkyBreathe®.

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What problems were you trying to solve with SkyBreathe®?

Korean Air has been putting a lot of effort into saving fuel. The biggest question was whether there were any additional methods and ways to share with our flight crews. We expected that SkyBreathe® could provide an integrated environment for data collection, analysis, and motivation for fuel savings.

Why did you choose SkyBreathe®?

The SkyBreathe® query editor and best practices were the most impressive. The query editor provides an environment for freely analyzing data, allowing users to directly combine and analyze the data they need.

The analysis speed is very fast as well. Analysis results can be presented in various ways, such as charts or tables. The ability to present results directly to users through a dashboard is also useful. We can share all the data Korean Air has analyzed with different airline departments, such as flight crews, cargo compartments, or operation control centers.

Mock up of New SkyBreathe design

SkyBreathe®  Analytics illustration

What are your goals with SkyBreathe® software?

SkyBreathe provides a tool that allows you to check the data generated during each flight operation in detail and helps you check the data in various ways, such as dashboards, reports, and alerts. With this solution, we are finding ways to save fuel on each flight or segment.

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Did you face unexpected challenges during the implementation, and if so, how did our team help you overcome them?

I had some questions for the project manager, and they answered them quickly by explaining in detail how to use the solution. It was a great help to schedule additional online meetings to understand how to use the query editor in detail as well. At some point, we only had the demo environment available, so I wasn't sure if it was working, but then we asked your team, and we saw the platform with our data, and it worked very well - the results were even better than expected.

It's very easy to use the tool, and it has a quick response. So, I think we will all be able to use it well and learn quickly.



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