Fuel program: Q&A with Eric Meyer from Porter Airlines.

Porter Airlines is a regional airline based at Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport, in Toronto, Canada.

Porter regularly operates flights between Canada and the USA using Canadian-built Bombardier (now Viking Air) Dash-8 Q400 turboprop aircraft.

Eric Meyer, Manager of Flight Technical at Porter Airlines, shares his experience using SkyBreathe® to support fuel efficiency efforts:



  • Which were your goals and main issues when you chose SkyBreathe®?

Fuel is a very large component of airlines’ expenses. We already had some measures to track down our fuel initiatives, but we wanted to go further.

SkyBreathe® allows us to narrow it down to different phases of flights. The software helps us get a better picture of the overall performance and savings.

  • What are the benefits that the solution brings to Porter Airlines so far?

In terms of the benefits, it helps us asking “why” about a lot of different things such as how we run our airline, how we use the Auxiliary Power Unit (APU), how we do our approaches… It is constantly evolving: we already have achieved solid benefits, but through asking why we keep finding new opportunities to be more efficient.

  • What features do you particularly enjoy?

I particularly enjoy the fact that we can run analysis through many criteria such as timeframe or airports. I also like the fact that I can track my flight since I am a pilot as well. The software helps analyze flight, for example by observing the difference we have during the four seasons in Canada, or by identifying the challenges we could have at specific airports. I can drill down on why things are the way they are.

  • What advice would you give to airlines which want to set up a fuel efficiency program?

I supposed it’s about managing expectations: understanding that on the first day you don’t have all the information you need. It does take a little bit of time to find opportunities.

As a result, it’s a gradual process that will pay-off. You will be able to adjust the procedures and techniques that pilots and operations use to better manage fuel and carbon emissions.

  • If you had to define SkyBreathe® in 3 words?
    • Detailed
    • Always Evolving
    • Opportunities


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