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On May 23, 2018

Why optimized taxi fuel should matter to you?

If you have read my previous article on the math of fuel efficiency, you certainly understand that it would be foolish not to consider a 10-20kg improvement that you could obtain on each and every flight!

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On May 16, 2018

The math of airline fuel efficiency: what's the secret formula?

The spike in fuel prices, generally airlines' biggest cost, is hitting carriers' profits and jeopardizing their developement.

The IATA chart below is worth a thousand words...

You probably worry about the impact on your airline costs. Indeed, fuel price trends are a real issue for airlines since...

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On May 07, 2018

Airlines costs excluding fuel: isn't that crazy?

Can you imagine a highly competitive industry, under very high cost pressure from new entrants and yet, which continues to publish its improvements in annual financial reports excluding one third of its costs?

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On May 02, 2018

CORSIA: How to monitor, report and verify your CO2 emissions?

Starting in 2019, every airline having international flights will need to monitor and report their emissions to their state of attribution.

Following our previous article on CORSIA, you probably wonder how to prepare for this new obligation? What is exactly the information that needs to be...

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On April 23, 2018

[Infographic] CORSIA: What are the key dates for airlines?

From 2019 onwards, airlines need to monitor their CO2 emissions for international flights and submit them to their representative state. But you probably wonder what’s the global CORSIA timeline? When do airlines need to prepare? What are the key dates?

Let’s focus on the timeline of the scheme...

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On April 17, 2018

How Cebu Pacific saved more than 11 million USD in 2017

Cebu Pacific is an airline based in the Philippines.

Cebu operates a 60 fleet of 44 Airbus and 16 ATR aircraft. Between 2018 and 2022, Cebu Pacific will take delivery of another 7 Airbus A321ceo, 32 Airbus A321neo, and 8 ATR 72-600 aircraft. With some 10,000 flights a month, the airline carries...

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On April 11, 2018

CORSIA: Who needs to be participating in the scheme?

Following the brief introduction on CORSIA and its impact on airlines, you probably wonder if you need to be participating in the scheme. In this article, we will focus on understanding which states and airlines are involved.

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On April 04, 2018

Introduction to CORSIA: What is it and how to prepare?

From 2019 onwards, airlines need to monitor their CO2 emissions for international flights.Are you still feeling unclear about what CORSIA is and how you should prepare? Time to get more familiar with it!

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On March 06, 2018

Case study: Using data for fuel efficiency at Cebu Pacific

2017 - Francesc Torres, Director Flight Operations Technical Support & Dispatch at Cebu Pacific, and Alexandre Feray, CEO of OpenAirlines explain how a fuel preservation program was implemented at Cebu Pacific.

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On February 23, 2018

OpenAirlines raises 1 million euros from Alter Equity3P and Bpifrance

OpenAirlines crosses a new stage in its development with the second fundraising of € 1 million, signed equally by its historic shareholder, the leading French investment fund committed to Sustainable Development Alter Equity3P, and a € 500k loan granted by Bpifrance.

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