[Webinar] How can looking-forward airlines emerge stronger after the crisis by improving fuel efficiency?

Date: September 30th

Time: Session 1: 9:30 am UTC+1 - Session 2: 4:30 pm UTC+1 

Duration: 1 hour


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Need to take a step back during the crisis? You've come to the right place. 
At the moment where some airlines are rightfully focused on short time survival, some others are forward-looking. They know that the world after will be more competitive, and they need to manage their costs and efficiency with the most modern and digital tools. 
With a 30% ratio, fuel is the #1 cost for airlines. This webinar is the opportunity to look at the big picture and to see how fuel efficiency can help airlines overcome the crisis.
Reaching 3 to 5% fuel savings can improve the airline overall profit by up to 2% while preserving their cash and generating immediate positive cashflow, and at the same time showcase their environmental excellence. 

Get to know SkyBreathe®, the leading fuel efficiency solution for airlines, and discover how its users including, Cebu Pacific, Ukraine International Airlines, Norwegian, Porter and much more have achieved a consistent 75%+ application rate on fuel procedures.


Presented by


Stéphane Nitenberg

VP Sales & Marketing @OpenAirlines

With 25-years background in the digital industry in high tech environments driven by innovation, Stéphane has been working at OpenAirlines for 2 years, providing his experience in marketing & business development.

What you'll learn
  • How fuel efficiency can help airlines survive the crisis?
  • Real-world examples of airlines that have been there
  • Live demo of SkyBreathe® Fuel Efficiency: how customized dashboards allow to identify fuel saving opportunities and monitor progress
  • Plus plenty of time to have all your questions answered

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*Please note this webinar is for airlines and aircraft operators only.

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