Introducing SkyBreathe® Advanced Trajectory Add-On

Flight trajectories data is a gold mine for optimizing airline operations.

With fuel prices impacting airlines’ profitability directly, it’s time for airlines to start considering advanced trajectory analysis to enhance their fuel efficiency best practices and get a step ahead. 

That's why in a previous article, we explained how advanced trajectory analysis can help airlines better discuss with ATC the access to optimal cruise altitudes, identify the shortest arrival approaches, adapt their flight plan to actual conditions (holdings..), or help pilots to better adjust their extra fuel.

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Today, we are delighted to introduce the new Advanced Trajectory add-on for SkyBreathe® Fuel Efficiency which provides powerful features to analyze trajectories and identify new savings opportunities for your airline.

Here are key features included in the add-on:

Waypoint by waypoint analysis: Perform in-depth analyses to track where the flight plan derives from the actual flight and find room for improvements.


Directs analysis: Identify the directs which are the most likely to be granted by ATC or that yield the biggest savings.

Airspace detection: Take advantage of analyzing and monitoring airspace usage to build reports and identify best improvement potentials.

Short approach best practice: Find out when and where short approaches can be flown and set a list of destination airports and runways to focus on for flying short approaches.

Ready to give it a whirl?

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