[Interview] Why SkyBreathe® APM allows airlines to save fuel?

Alexandre Feray, CEO at OpenAirlines explains why we brought the SkyBreathe® Aircraft Performance Monitoring idea to life, and Nicolas Pinchemel, Data Scientist, unveils why this new module is something BIG that will change the daily work of airlines engineers.


[Video transcript]

Alexandre Feray, CEO at OpenAirlines

Can you tell us about SkyBreathe® Aircraft Performance Monitoring arrival on the market?

Maintaining good momentum during the Covid-19 crisis was particularly challenging.
But we remained faithful to our DNA and continued investing heavily in R&D to deliver innovations that would help airlines recover faster from the crisis.

During the last two years, we have developed new solutions that bring the power of SkyBreathe® in the connected cockpit with SkyBreathe® OnBoard, in discussions with ATC authorities with SkyBreathe® Advanced Trajectory Add-On. And in the maintenance shop with SkyBreathe® APM.

What is the vision behind this extension of the product portfolio?

With all these integrated products, SkyBreathe® has become a complete 360° eco-flying platform that gives a frictionless experience and a holistic view of all things fuel in one place.

Airlines can increase communication between stakeholders, engagement, and savings.

How does the marketplace perceive SkyBreathe® 360?

The platform is now a great success, and it was fascinating to see that, amid the pandemic, 14 new airlines have chosen to partner with us to get out of the crisis more robust, more profitable, and greener.

Fuel preservation solutions are now considered a must-have as airlines are looking at reducing their costs and CO2 emissions more than ever.

With 50 airlines now using SkyBreathe®, and OpenAirlines having the most complete portfolio of solutions, we are clearly emerging as the leader in the field.


Nicolas Pinchemel, Data Scientist at OpenAirlines. He has been working on APM performance computation for the last three years.

What is SkyBreathe® Aircraft Performance Monitoring?

SkyBreathe® APM is a new module to monitor aircraft performance and improve it over time. It automatically computes the latest cruise performance of each aircraft using flight data every day.

It also gives powerful insights into airplanes. We introduced Artificial Intelligence to automatically detect abnormal performance degradations and identify their root causes so that airlines can fix them quickly and proactively.

And more specifically, how is SkyBreathe® APM a game-changer?

Today monitoring aircraft performance is a cumbersome and costly process. We wanted to offer a more agile and accurate approach to provide meaningful results with no effort.

With SkyBreathe® APM, airlines can analyze the actual performance of the fleet in near real-time and in a fully automated way.
Knowing the actual performance of an aircraft is essential to fly safely and to be fuel-efficient.

How does SkyBreathe® APM make airlines save fuel?

SkyBreathe® APM ensures that the most up-to-date aircraft performance is used in the Flight Management System and the Flight Planning System. This makes the flight plan more accurate, increases safety, and is more optimal, reducing fuel consumption.

SkyBreathe® APM also helps airlines detect abnormal aircraft deterioration more quickly and efficiently. They can take proactive maintenance actions to maintain fuel efficiency at its highest level.


Try by yourself SkyBreathe® APM and see how analyzing precisely performance trends can increase safety and fuel saving!



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