Decarbonizing Aviation: a book tackling aviation's greatest challenge

OpenAirlines and the GreenPilot movement are publishing “Decarbonizing Aviation Mission Possible," a must-read book for all industry professionals and air travel enthusiasts interested in learning more about the challenges and solutions to decarbonize the aviation sector. Click here to download your free copy!

Reducing the carbon impact of aviation is at the heart of OpenAirlines’ mission. Every day, we put our hearts into helping airlines to reduce their fuel consumption with our eco-flying solution SkyBreathe® adopted by 56 airlines today. Last year, we helped our customers prevent 1,026,000 tons of CO2 from going into the atmosphere and save 325,600 tons of fuel thanks to digital technology!

Despite being significant figures, these numbers only account for a small fraction of the aviation sector's total carbon emissions, which make up 2-3% of global CO2 emissions. We know that improving operations is only a part of the solution, and it will take a collective effort from the industry to reach our goal of net-zero carbon emissions by 2050. That's why in 2018, we launched the Green Pilot movement, a global community of pilots, aviation professionals, and airlines uniting to promote sustainable aviation.

Today, driven by the urgency to act in the face of climate change, we publish the book “Decarbonizing Aviation Mission Possible.” Written by Alexandre Feray, OpenAirlines' founder & CEO,  this educational resource overviews the latest technologies, policies, and initiatives aimed at decarbonizing the aviation sector. From biofuels to hydrogen aircraft, the book explores the different pathways to stop aviation’s carbon dependency with a mix of short and long-term solutions.

Convinced that we must put our heads together to succeed, we called on top industry experts to take part in the project. Coming from various organizations that lead the charge in sustainable aviation, including ZeroAvia, Air France, Carbone 4, Eurocontrol, and the Solar Impulse Foundation, to name a few, they offer a unique perspective on the most effective ways to reduce emissions.

The Decarbonizing Aviation Mission Possible ebook is available now.

Are you ready to join the movement toward sustainable aviation? 



Alexandre-feray-webPeople of goodwill who are passionate about aviation and care about the planet, may you put all your heart and energy into this adventure and join the forces that prove that decarbonizing aviation is mission possible.

Alexandre Feray – Author of “Decarbonizing Aviation Mission Possible” and OpenAirlines' Founder and CEO.


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