Boost your fuel team productivity with SkyBreathe® Advisor

Make better decisions and prioritize fuel-saving initiatives with the highest value using our brand-new Advisor AI assistant.  

Are you finding it challenging to unlock the full potential of your flight data? Are you unsure of the exact steps to take to make significant fuel savings? Many airlines face these same questions.  

But with the right approach and tools, you can turn data into actionable insights and achieve remarkable improvements in fuel efficiency.  

We believe in AI specially designed for Air Transportation Fuel Efficiency. Let's explore how you can leverage AI to find the right opportunities to save fuel with SkyBreathe® Advisor.  

Flight analysis powered with AI  

Fuel is the #1 cost for an airline, typically representing around 30% of operational expenses. With the rising cost of kerosene and the target set by IATA to achieve net-zero carbon emissions by 2050, airlines are under immense economic pressure.  
To meet emissions reduction goals and reduce operational costs, airlines must adopt a multifaceted approach that prioritizes improving fuel efficiency, investing in sustainable aviation fuels (SAF), and leveraging technological advancements. AI is emerging as a pivotal technology, offering innovative tools that significantly enhance operational productivity and, in this case, can help airlines boost their fuel efficiency program 

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The work behind data analysis

Airlines continuously collect vast amounts of data from their flights, providing a wealth of valuable information. By analyzing this data, fuel teams can uncover elements needed to improve operations and boost fuel efficiency. However, this process is often long and time-consuming due to the sheer volume and complexity of the data involved. Manually sifting through data to extract meaningful patterns and actionable insights requires significant effort and resources, which can slow down the fuel-savings progress.

Overwhelming right?   

 That's where AI-powered analytic tools can make the process much more efficient.


💡 How does AI work 

AI operates by analyzing historical data to learn and predict outcomes. Most of AI's existing techniques are based on learning from data sets to reproduce patterns, so AI needs a lot of data to work.  

The more data you have, the more accurate its predictions will be. 

When it comes to fuel efficiency, data accuracy is key when sharing eco-flying recommendations with pilots and other stakeholders.  It's essential that the information shared reflects the truth of what happened during a flight. It strengthens their trust and engagement. 


AI-Powered Fuel efficiency  

AI-based features have a lot to bring to the aviation sector. But generic mainstream techniques won’t fit the airlines' needs. We believe specialized AI, designed for air transportation fuel efficiency, can accelerate our Net Zero journey, offering robust, data-driven solutions that enhance operational performance, reduce costs, and support aviation sustainability. 

Leveraging its powerful data analysis and synthesis capabilities, specialized AI is exceptionally well-suited to finding tendencies, disruption, or hidden statistics, and can be a great support in back-office flight analysis. 

By integrating AI technologies into their fuel teams, airlines can optimize flight planning, predict fuel requirements more accurately, and identify real-time opportunities for fuel savings. This not only boosts the productivity of fuel management teams but also drives substantial cost reductions and supports sustainability efforts. 

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Let’s take the example of SkyBreathe® Analytics  

SkyBreathe® uses performance-based models trained on the world’s largest fuel efficiency dataset. The tool computes savings on each flight using sophisticated algorithms based on both physics and AI models, trained on thousands of flights and considering the actual operational environment (ATC, weather…). This is the foundation of this powerful tool that helps airlines analyze their data and find ways to improve their fuel efficiency. 

 But it gets even better...   


Cécile Bouvier
Chief Product Officer
at OpenAirlines

"AI has always been an essential element of the SkyBreathe
® 360 fuel efficiency platform; it's a part of our DNA. But sometimes, it can be challenging for customers to figure out how to get the most out of data, what steps they should take, and where they should start. In addition to computing accurate metrics, AI also brings new ways of analyzing the data.

Traditional data analysis methods are powerful but require manual effort and time to derive insights from vast datasets. That's why we integrated SkyBreathe Advisor: to help airlines better utilize their data and give them tools to more easily identify areas where significant progress can be made". 


Meet Advisor, your trusted SkyBreathe® AI assistant for fuel savings! 

Today, OpenAirlines introduces its brand-new AI assistant which helps teams prioritize fuel-saving initiatives with the highest value. The assistant comes integrated with SkyBreathe® 360° eco-flying platform the leading solution in the marketplace that covers fuel best practices for increased fuel savings and CO2 reduction.  

meet AI Advisor

🌎 A feature based on the #1 fuel efficiency community  

SkyBreathe® Advisor fuel savings guidance is based on the world’s largest fuel efficiency dataset and strong algorithms monitoring over 15 million flights, with more than 10 years of historical data! 

What is SkyBreathe® Advisor? 

SkyBreathe® Advisor is a set of AI-based features offering insights, predictions, or recommendations that users can leverage to know where they can progress. Each Advisor feature guides fuel management teams to act confidently, streamlining the decision-making process and maximizing fuel savings.  

By automating complex analyses and highlighting the most valuable opportunities, AI Advisor significantly boosts fuel teams' productivity, allowing them to focus on strategic actions rather than data crunching. 

advisorThese features use fuel efficiency-tailored algorithms (including machine learning and deep learning) to process data at an unprecedented scale, offering insights that are crucial for decision-making processes.

What can you do with SkyBreathe® Advisor?  

The new AI Advisor provides a suite of features that accelerate fuel savings by solving complex tasks and by proposing options that users can play with. 

1. Advisor Optimizer* highlights the optimum settings for each fuel-saving recommendation to maximize results. *Coming soon  

1. Advisor Pro Tips offers tips on how to use the SkyBreathe® platform better and reach precise goals.

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Advisor Pro Tip 

3. Advisor Simulator enable testing the impact of an action with an advanced simulation tool to help teams confidently choose. 

Group 17788Advisor Simulator 

For instance, fuel teams can simulate the impact of the adjustment of their taxi fuel policy on their operations. The simulation tool enables them to run analysis based on statistical data and get the projected fuel savings and risks on changing the taxi fuel policy.  

Advisor Simulator helps airlines to act confidently and optimize their flight plan with the right quantity of fuel quicker than ever. 


4. Advisor Smart Insight analyzes airline operations, highlights insights on where efforts should be focused, and identifies actions to be taken.

Leveraging the extensive SkyBreathe® Community database, the assistant computes the real achievements of various fuel-saving best practices across the industry. This allows operators to see what is truly being accomplished, helping them identify areas for improvement.  

Advisor Smart Insights uncovers hidden opportunities for progress, pinpointing exactly where to focus. This targeted guidance highlights potential fuel savings and saves valuable time by directing attention to the most impactful areas. 

Mask Group 96Advisor Simulator 

For example, when fuel managers are looking for new strategic fuel-saving opportunities for their airline, Advisor Smart Insights helps them prioritize actions by targeting areas with the greatest saving potential while creating an interactive and supportive user experience. 


AI is becoming a game-changing technology, providing innovative tools that greatly enhance operational productivity and empower airlines to significantly improve their fuel efficiency programs, just like SkyBreathe® Advisor. 

Thanks to SkyBreathe, in 2023, our customers have saved almost 420 million kg of fuel, which represents more than 490 million USD and 1,4 M tons of CO2 

Save fuel, save money, save the planet!

Learn more about SkyBreathe ® Advisor and go deeper with your flight analytics >>>
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How NextGen Artificial Intelligence Boosts Airlines’ Fuel Efficiency.
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