OpenAirlines at Electronic Flight Bag Users Forum 2021

OpenAirlines will be at Electronic Flight Bag Users (EFB) Forum, from 8 to 10 June 2021.

Come talk fuel efficiency with our experts and discover SkyBreathe OnBoard®, an EFB application that provides real-time support for fuel-saving during the flight in a seamless, natural, and simple way.

SkyBreathe OnBoard® app pushes relevant and timely notifications to pilots about fuel-saving opportunities, considering all conditions in real-time, for good and quick decision-making with a minimal workload.

The solution is part of the well-known SkyBreathe® eco-flying 360° platform today used by 49 airlines to reduce their fuel costs and environmental impact. The platform has all the tools and integrations an airline needs to involve all stakeholders in their fuel program and maximize CO2 emissions reduction, increase efficiency, and fuel savings.


You have implemented a fuel efficiency program in your airline, but you are not making enough progress on best practices application? What if you had a live assistant?

SkyBreathe OnBoard® brings Big Data and Artificial Intelligence in the cockpit to provide the best advice and to make it easy to grab fuel-saving opportunities during the flight.

Come to our booth and ask for a demo! 

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