OpenDay 2024: The SkyBreathe® User Conference

OpenDay 2024: The world's largest gathering for airline fuel efficiency is taking place in Toulouse!

Toulouse, France – June 24, 2024 — OpenAirlines, the leading airline fuel efficiency software provider, proudly announces the 2024 edition of its annual conference, OpenDay. This fifth SkyBreathe® User Conference will be held from June 24th to 27th in Toulouse, the European Capital of Aviation. Over 75 professionals from more than 45 airlines worldwide will gather for this unique event dedicated to fuel efficiency and sustainable aviation.

This event, dedicated to the SkyBreathe® User Community, comes at a pivotal time for airlines, which are balancing the growth of their operations with ambitious carbon reduction goals. OpenAirlines plays a crucial role in supporting airlines with digital solutions that reduce CO2 emissions. These solutions are currently employed by over 67 global airlines of all types and sizes (low-cost, cargo, large, and small).

OpenDay 2024 will feature a series of conferences, interactive workshops, and networking sessions, all focused on improving fuel efficiency and promoting sustainable aviation. Participants will have the opportunity to engage with industry peers, discover the latest fuel management trends and innovations, and collaborate on practical solutions for a more environmentally friendly future. Airlines such as Korean Air, Transavia, and Icelandair, will share their insights and challenges with all the attendees.

This year, the conference will spotlight the transformative power of artificial intelligence in aviation with the theme "AI, the new horizon of sustainable aviation." A major highlight will be the introduction of SkyBreathe® Advisor. This new feature is designed to help airlines maximize their fuel efficiency using advanced AI algorithms, machine learning, and deep learning to analyze vast amounts of data and generate actionable insights on demand. Acting as an AI assistant, SkyBreathe® Advisor tracks all fuel-saving opportunities in a personalized and optimized manner. This results in less effort, enhanced performance, and significant time savings for airlines.

Group 18111This new solution provides access to four key features:

  • Optimizer, which proposes optimum settings for each fuel-saving recommendation to maximize results.
  • Simulator, testing the impact of an action with an advanced simulation tool to confidently make complex decisions.
  • Smart Insight, which analyzes airline operations and gives insight on where to focus and identify actions to be taken.
  • Pro Tips, optimizing the experience by getting tips on how to better use the software to reach your goals.

The annual SkyBreathe® User Community conference continues to unite industry experts committed to decarbonizing the industry, with this year, a focus on innovation and artificial intelligence. OpenDay 2024 reinforces the importance of collaboration and highlights the potential of innovative technologies in driving a greener future for aviation.

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