Iberojet joins the SkyBreathe® community!

Iberojet implements SkyBreathe® to significantly 
reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.

Palma, Spain – September 27th: Iberojet, the Spanish airline mainly connecting the Iberian Peninsula to the Caribbean, is pleased to announce its collaboration with OpenAirlines, the world leader in fuel efficiency solutions for aviation. By entering the SkyBreathe® Users Community, Iberojet will be able to optimize fuel consumption and reduce its environmental impact.

The SkyBreathe® eco-flying solution leverages artificial intelligence, machine learning, and Big Data algorithms to examine flight data in detail and identify opportunities for fuel savings. It provides precise recommendations that enable airlines to take concrete steps to reduce fuel consumption and, consequently, operating costs. The 360° solution is integrated into the different teams' workflow, such as dispatchers, maintenance engineers, pilots, and fuel managers. All can track the evolution of their fuel performances and reduce their total consumption by up to 5%.

In addition, Iberojet will implement SkyBreathe® MyFuelCoach™, an application pilots use during briefing and debriefing phases to see their individual performances and better prepare for the next flight. The app offers precise recommendations to pilots based on their journey, helping them to make more informed decisions and improve their environmental performances. By embracing a proactive approach to fuel consumption management and empowering pilots, Iberojet will make a significant impact on reducing CO2 emissions and achieving substantial cost savings.

Commenting on the collaboration, Mr. José Ignacio Lugo Rojo, Deputy Managing Director at Iberojet, said "We are delighted to partner with OpenAirlines and integrate their solutions into our operations. This is an initiative included in Pilar 5 “Committed with our social and environmental impact” which is part of our 2026 Reset Plan. By optimizing our fuel consumption with SkyBreathe® and empowering our pilots with MyFuelCoach™, we are taking important steps towards a more efficient airline and a cleaner future for our planet." 

Mr. Alexandre Feray, CEO of OpenAirlines, expressed his satisfaction with the collaboration, saying, "We are proud to welcome Iberojet as one of our SkyBreathe® users, and look forward to supporting them in their efforts to optimize fuel consumption. SkyBreathe® platform has already demonstrated its effectiveness for various airlines around the world, and we are convinced that it will also bring considerable benefits to Iberojet."

Iberojet and OpenAirlines believe that this collaboration will not only benefit the airline but will also contribute to the wider sustainability goals of the aviation industry.


About Iberojet

Iberojet is a Spanish airline connecting the Iberian Peninsula with the Caribbean. Part of Ávoris Business Corporation, the leading tourism and travel brand in Spain, the airline currently serves 13 destinations from Europe to the Caribbean and Indian Ocean, including Cancun, Punta Cana, San Jose, Havana, Palmerola and Mauritius. With a fleet of 5 aircraft comprising two A350s, two A330s, and one A320, Iberojet is equipped with next-generation technology and innovation to maximize flight safety and efficiency.
For more information, please visit: https://www.Iberojet.com/en

About OpenAirlines

OpenAirlines is a French clean-tech company comprising a team of highly qualified mathematicians, aeronautical engineers, data scientists, pilots, IT experts, and aircraft performance specialists who operate from its bases in Toulouse, Hong Kong, Miami, and Montreal.
They are specialized in developing digital technology to help airlines achieve their sustainability and emissions targets. They developed SkyBreathe®, the leading eco-flying platform for airlines to reduce fuel costs and CO2 emissions, today used by 64 airlines worldwide, including Air France, easyJet, DHL, Norwegian, IndiGo, flydubai, and Atlas Air.
More information: https://www.openairlines.com 

PR contacts

OpenAirlines PR
Solveig Moisan, Chief Marketing Officer
Email: solveig.moisan@openairlines.com

Iberojet PR 
Ricardo Fernández, Corporate Marketing & Communication Director
Email: r.fernandezc@avoristravel.com
Phone number: (+34) 639 682 336


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