SkyBreathe® helps airlines slash CO2 emissions in green recovery

Benjamin Smith, CEO of Air-France-KLM says “The COVID-19 crisis is forcing the airline industry to reinvent itself. Only those businesses that can transform themselves quickly, deeply and sustainably will survive”. 

We are convinced that airlines need to take the opportunity raised by today's challenges to bounce back. In this new context, cost control will matter even more. Leveraging fuel efficiency and pilot engagement is a winning strategy and a game changer.

SkyBreathe® software taps into the latest digital technologies by using sophisticated Big Data Algorithms, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning. It automatically analyzes billions of data records to identify the most relevant saving opportunities and provides a series of recommended actions that can reduce the total fuel consumption by up to 5%.

The last year, thanks to SkyBreathe® our customers have saved more than 150 millions dollars. In terms of CO2, they have spared almost ~600,000 tons, which is as much as what all the American Tesla drivers haves saved in the same time by driving electric, it is also equivalent to planting 75 million trees.

Reducing CO2 emissions and preserving the environment is our core mission. We have won many innovation awards in international competitions on sustainability. We have been labeled by Bertrand Piccard’s Solar Impulse Foundation and are now a B-corporation, a renowned international label for corporate social responsibility excellence. We have also initiated the Green Pilot movement to engage the pilot community all over the world so that they can endorse the mission to build greener aviation. We have also published the Green Airlines Fuel Book, a 7O pages booklet to raise awareness on fuel-saving best practices and help spread the fuel-efficiency culture in all airlines.

In these times where airlines must show that they take the fight against climate change seriously, it’s not surprising that OpenAirlines has seen an acceleration in SkyBreathe’s adoption in the middle of the pandemic. 

In 2020, several forward-looking airlines have decided to partner with us to be ready for a green recovery and a more competitive industry. We are happy that GoAir, Amerijet, Flynas or Aircalin, Air France, and Air Serbia, have joined the SkyBreathe community to bring their fuel efficiency initiatives to the next level.

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