GoAir chooses SkyBreathe® eco-flying solution for fuel efficiency

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India, 24 August, 2020: In the past months, the Indian aviation sector has been heavily impacted by the coronavirus pandemic. As flights take to skies, GoAir, India’s most trusted brand, avails the opportunity to be at the forefront of environmental excellence by implementing SkyBreathe® eco-flying solution to improve its operational efficiency. This partnership will help GoAir become greener while reducing fuel costs and increasing competitive advantage.

Typically, fuel consumption accounts for as much as 30-40 percent of an airline’s operating costs and lower fuel burn ultimately contributes to substantial cost savings. To increase fuel efficiency, airlines need to identify the areas requiring improvement with the help of analytics and must drive behavioral change with their systems and processes.

SkyBreathe® is an innovative cloud-based software solution invented by OpenAirlines and used by more than 40 airlines and operators of all sizes and fleet types worldwide. The software features an Artificial Intelligence engine with cutting-edge algorithms to automatically analyze large amounts of flight data and assess operational efficiency improvements at fleet, route, and individual flight stage level. The Big Data solution considers the exact flight conditions, such as weather, flight path, Air Traffic Control, and payload, to produce optimum recommendations. It generates insights, which are shared with all stakeholders through synthetic and easy-to-read dashboard. Pilots can visualize their actual flights in 3D, and get an individual debrief on each fuel-saving best practice via a dedicated mobile app.

Commenting on the development, Mr Kaushik Khona, Chief Executive Officer, GoAir, said, “Aviation is key to help people move freely across the planet. The biggest challenge for aviation in the future ahead is sustainability, both economical and ecological, and we must be a leader of this new era. Flight efficiency services are an important part of the global aviation industry, helping airlines reduce costs significantly and help regulate emissions, which India has committed to reducing. If we harness the power of digital technology to reduce fuel consumption, we can improve our competitiveness, lower our costs, save jobs, and give hope to people in communities across our country. SkyBreathe® is flexible enough to integrate with GoAir's existing aircraft systems, enabling fast deployment and the ability to support fleet growth Additionally, the implementation will enhance fuel conservation, help solve climate change and make sure that we emerge from this Covid-19 crisis as a leader of Indian aviation. At GoAir we continuously initiate to proactively take steps to take care of our passengers at every touch point.  

“Green aviation represents the future in the development of the aviation industry. Despite this pandemic situation, forward-looking airlines like Go Air have chosen this moment to embrace new digital technologies that will make them more competitive while reducing their CO2 emissions. With SkyBreathe®, GoAir is now up and prepared for a bright future and we are proud to help them accelerate their transition to sustainable aviation”, said Alexandre Feray, OpenAirlines CEO and founder.


Learn more about SkyBreathe®: https://openairlines.com/fuel-management-software/ 


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