DGAC starts decarbonization tour de France with OpenAirlines

OpenAirlines is honored to welcome Damien Cazé, Director General of Civil Aviation, on Tuesday, May 2, 2023. This date marks the beginning of several territorial decarbonization meetings undertaken by the French air transport regulatory authority, the Direction Générale de l’Aviation Civile (DGAC), and the Observatoire de l’Aviation Durable (OAD). The nationwide tour aims to explore the network of French innovation and initiatives to decarbonize air travel. 

Their visit to OpenAirlines is an opportunity to:
  •  highlight the company’s concrete digital solution for airlines’ decarbonization;
  • introduce the mission of the newly created Sustainable Aviation Observatory, whose intent is to collect and share data on the climatic impact of air transport as well as to meet and support the players of decarbonization;
  • and finally, have an open discussion on the topic: “Decarbonized aviation: an exciting challenge for young graduates, committed to rebuilding a resilient aviation sector.

Choosing OpenAirlines as their first destination is a great recognition of our company’s impact, innovative approach, and digital expertise. OpenAirlines is the 2nd most impactful cleantech company across all sectors in France for reducing CO2 emissions.

Within ten years, our AI-driven eco-flying solution SkyBreathe® has become the world's leading fuel efficiency solution. Today, 56 airlines of all shapes and sizes use our solution and achieve outstanding results:  the SkyBreathe® community saved 325,600t of fuel, preventing 1,026,000t of CO2 from entering the atmosphere in 2022.


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