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Case study: Using data for fuel efficiency at Cebu Pacific

2017 - Francesc Torres, Director Flight Operations Technical Support & Dispatch at Cebu Pacific, and Alexandre Feray, CEO of OpenAirlines explain how a fuel preservation program was implemented at Cebu Pacific.

In this article, we will cover how Cebu Pacific established its fuel efficiency program and how it's not necessary to be a large airline in order to sep up a successful fuel management program. Fuel represents the largest single expense for any airline which means that it is very important to work at managing and through that, reducing the volume and cost of fuel used.


Cebu Pacific airline is based in the Philippines and operates long-haul international flights (including to the Middle East and ETOPS services) as well as an extensive domestic network. It makes for an oftern complex operation. There are currently 60 aicrafts in the fleet with another 50 on order which will take the fleet to about 100 aicraft (mainly Airbus and ATR types). With some 10,000 flights a month, the airline carries around 20 million passengers a year. (...)


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