Air Serbia chooses SkyBreathe® to reduce CO2 emissions and fuel burn

Air Serbia, the Republic of Serbia's national airline, announced the implementation of SkyBreathe® eco-flying solution to pursue their commitment to greener aviation.

SkyBreathe® is an innovative eco-flying solution that features an Artificial Intelligence engine with cutting-edge algorithms to automatically analyze large amounts of flight data and assess operational efficiency improvements at the fleet, route, and individual flight stage level. The Big Data solution integrates multiple data sources for each flight in a single database. Then it computes achieved and potential savings taking into account the actual flight conditions, such as weather, flight path, Air Traffic Control, and payload, to produce highly accurate fuel metrics.

This digital solution enables the airline to quickly implement the most appropriate best practices to reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions from 2 to 5%, which is the core focus of airlines as fuel accounts for 30% of operational expenses.

"Care for the environment represents an inseparable part of our everyday operations, and we are satisfied that the initiatives we launched are yielding results. During 2019, we have managed to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by almost three thousand tons. Our pilots are the main contributors to our fuel consumption reduction because the procedures toward this goal are generally undertaken during flights. The use of this mobile application will further enhance the optimization process, and we are looking forward to every new step toward a more sustainable future of the airline industry." stated Duncan Naysmith, CEO of Air Serbia.

Today, we are pleased to see that this trend to favor a clean recovery is getting more momentum everywhere in the world. Air Serbia has launched its fuel-efficiency program years before this crisis. Still, despite the unprecedented disruption that the Covid-19 catastrophe has caused on airline operations, it is significant that Air Serbia has chosen this moment to push its fuel-efficiency program to the next level. We are proud that they have chosen SkyBreathe® to increase their competitiveness while reducing their carbon footprint, joining the greenest airlines in the world.”, says Alexandre Feray, CEO of OpenAirlines.

Air Serbia joins more than 45 airlines adopting SkyBreathe® to improve their fuel efficiency, including Air France, Norwegian, Malaysia Airlines, Atlas Air.


About Air Serbia:

Air Serbia has been a leader in air transport since the company was founded in 1927. Air Serbia already flies or plans flying to more than 60 destinations in Europe, the Mediterranean, the Middle East, North America and Africa, both in passenger and freight traffic. They offer flights to international destinations in Asia, Australia, North America and Africa through Etihad Airways and other partner airlines.

Air Serbia's priority is to provide exceptional quality of service to their passengers. They aim to give their company's customers the utmost comfort while traveling, regardless of the class in which they fly.

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About OpenAirlines:

OpenAirlines provides consulting and software solutions for airlines flight operations. Since 2006, OpenAirlines has been on a mission to help airlines save 2-5% of their fuel consumption with its innovative SkyBreathe® solution. The software uses Big Data algorithms and automatically analyses the large amount of available data in flight data recorders to assess flights’ efficiency.

Today, more than 45 airlines all over the world use OpenAirlines’ software.

In 2019, their customers saved more than 150 million USD and 590,000 tons of CO2.

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