Air Nostrum elevates its fuel efficiency program with SkyBreathe®

Air Nostrum chooses SkyBreathe® to enhance fuel savings and reduce environmental impact.

Valencia, Spain, February 13th, 2024 – In a bold step towards sustainable aviation, Air Nostrum, the renowned Spanish regional airline, has chosen the SkyBreathe® eco-flying platform to enhance fuel savings and reduce environmental impact. Developed by OpenAirlines, the fuel efficiency solution is the market leader and already helps over 66 airlines.

Driven by the values of innovation and quality, and mindful of the challenges posed by the global climate situation, Air Nostrum recognizes the importance of using advanced technological solutions to optimize its operations. Integrating SkyBreathe® into its fleet management system aligns seamlessly with its commitment to achieving greater fuel savings and will support its upcoming growth due to a fleet expansion planned for 2024.

SkyBreathe® 360° analyzes and optimizes fuel consumption across an airline's entire fleet. Leveraging Big Data algorithms, artificial intelligence, and machine learning, the software will enable its different users to save up to 5% fuel across all of their flight operations. Fuel managers, dispatchers, flight operation engineers, pilots, and maintenance specialists can all access more than 2000 measures to help them shape a successful fuel management program.

Renowned for its ease of use, the solution will offer the airline numerous fuel-saving opportunities in just a few clicks. Air Nostrum will also be guided throughout its entire SkyBreathe® journey by a dedicated OpenAirlines fuel efficiency expert. This support will extend from software implementation to deploying measures and adapting a performance improvement plan continuously. By officially joining the SkyBreathe® users community, the airline will also benefit from other airlines' shared experiences and advice.

"We are proud to announce a partnership with OpenAirlines, solidifying our dedication to environmental sustainability at Air Nostrum”, affirmed Manuel Jiménez, General Manager of Air Nostrum. "Our commitment to minimizing our carbon footprint and adopting eco-friendly practices is unwavering. By integrating SkyBreathe® into our operations, we are embracing a revolutionary tool that exemplifies our proactive stance in achieving operational efficiency while championing ecological responsibility."

"Incorporating SkyBreathe® into our fleet is a strategic move to not only reduce our environmental impact but also to set new industry benchmarks in sustainable aviation," highlighted Borja Mas Vilella, Director of Flight Operations at Air Nostrum. "This collaboration symbolizes our relentless pursuit of cutting-edge solutions that align with our long-term vision for a greener future. SkyBreathe® empowers us to optimize fuel consumption, reduce emissions, and contribute to global initiatives combating climate change."

Enthusiastic about this partnership, Alexandre Feray, the OpenAirlines CEO, comments, "At OpenAirlines, we are proud to be part of Air Nostrum's strategy to strengthen their fuel efficiency program. SkyBreathe®’s capabilities will empower them to make informed decisions, leading to significant cost and fuel savings. Air Nostrum demonstrates leadership by adopting new technologies for a greener tomorrow.”

This partnership between Air Nostrum and OpenAirlines reflects a harmonious blend of innovation and responsibility in the aviation industry.


About Air Nostrum

Air Nostrum is the leading regional aviation company in Spain and one of the largest European airlines in its class. It operates for the Iberia Group under the Iberia Regional Air Nostrum brand. It connects 59 destinations in 8 countries in Europe and North Africa with its fleet of 48 new generation aircraft. It has 1,500 employees. In its 29 years of history it has already transported more than 100 million passengers.

About OpenAirlines

OpenAirlines is a French clean-tech company comprising a team of highly qualified mathematicians, aeronautical engineers, data scientists, pilots, IT experts, and aircraft performance specialists who operate from its bases in Toulouse, Hong Kong, Miami, and Montreal.

They are specialized in developing digital technology to help airlines achieve their sustainability and emissions targets. They developed SkyBreathe®, the leading eco-flying platform for airlines to reduce fuel costs and CO2 emissions, today used by 66 airlines worldwide, including Air France, easyJet, DHL, Norwegian, IndiGo, flydubai, and Atlas Air.

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