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Air Austral takes its fuel efficiency program to new heights by partnering with OpenAirlines

Sainte-Marie, February 6, 2023: Air Austral, the renowned Reunion-based airline, has announced its partnership with OpenAirlines, the world leader in fuel management solutions for airlines. As part of this collaboration, Air Austral will integrate SkyBreathe®, MyFuelCoach™, and SkyBreathe® APM solutions, marking a significant commitment to improving fuel savings and reducing CO2 emissions.

SkyBreathe® is an innovative platform that enables airlines to access over +2000 measures to optimize their fuel management strategy. The solution uses sophisticated Big Data Algorithms, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning to automatically analyze billions of data records from various sources, including complete FDR records, operational flight plans, ACARS, etc. The software identifies the most relevant saving opportunities and provides a series of recommended actions that reduce an airline's total fuel consumption by up to 5%. Dispatchers, pilots, flight operations specialists, and fuel managers will use the solution to quickly uncover powerful insights to maximize the environmental performance of their flights.

Air Austral has also decided to equip all its pilots with SkyBreathe® MyFuelCoach™. Acting as a virtual coach, the innovative application provides personalized eco-briefings and debriefings. This way, pilots will easily monitor their individual performance and identify areas for improvement, which will help them enhance their environmental performance and optimize fuel savings.

Air Austral is also equipped with SkyBreathe® APM. The AI-powered solution enables automatic monitoring of the performance of all their aircraft and provides alerts for any abnormal degradation. Air Austral will be able to solve issues faster and anticipate maintenance actions, reducing fuel burn and maintenance costs.

OpenAirlines fuel experts will guide users in implementing the solution and adapting their fuel program as they progress. This initiative is part of Air Austral’s overall strategy to minimize environmental impact while ensuring safe and efficient flight operations.

"At OpenAirlines, we firmly believe that innovation and technology can shape a cleaner future for aviation. The strategic choice of Air Austral to adopt several of our products demonstrates a proactive vision to optimize flight operations and reduce carbon footprint. This aligns with the industry's sustainability goals, and we warmly welcome them into the SkyBreathe® users’ community." Enthusiastically explained Alexandre Feray, the OpenAirlines CEO.

Olivier Jay, Executive Chief Operations Officer at Air Austral, commented, "At Air Austral, we are committed to adopting technologies that contribute to our sustainability goals while ensuring operational efficiency. OpenAirlines' solutions have stood out as comprehensive tools to support us in making significant savings while engaging our pilots and workforce. We believe that by optimizing fuel use, we can make meaningful progress in minimizing our carbon footprint and contributing to a cleaner aviation industry."

This collaboration reflects Air Austral's ongoing commitment to innovation and environmental responsibility, positioning the airline as a key player in adopting advanced technologies towards a more sustainable aviation future.


About Air Austral

Air Austral, a French airline created and based in Reunion Island, is a major player in Indian Ocean transport services between mainland France and its regional connections. Under normal operations, the Airline operates to Reunion Island, Mauritius, Mayotte, the Comoros Islands, Madagascar, the Seychelles, South Africa and Thailand (Bangkok). The Paris - Reunion Island and Paris - Mayotte routes continued to operate, and the regional network is gradually resuming. In Paris-CDG the Airline has kept its code-share agreement with Air France to offer connections in Europe, and its partnership with TGV’Air for transfers between 19 French cities and Brussels. 

Air Austral operates the most modern fleet in the Indian Ocean. It is currently made up of two 787-8 dual-class aircraft, three 777-300 triple-class aircraft for long-haul flights, and three new Airbus 220 for regional flights. The fleet, the comfort of the cabins, the in-flight services and the hospitality of its staff are Air Austral’s main assets, an airline known and recognized for its quality of service. Air Austral has been awarded the cluster Green "Efficience" CSR label with the support of AFNOR/RUNCERT, reinforcing the importance of CSR in its strategy.

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About OpenAirlines

OpenAirlines is a French clean-tech company comprising a team of highly qualified mathematicians, aeronautical engineers, data scientists, pilots, IT experts, and aircraft performance specialists who operate from its bases in Toulouse, Hong Kong, Miami, and Montreal.

They are specialized in developing digital technology to help airlines achieve their sustainability and emissions targets. They developed SkyBreathe®, the leading eco-flying platform for airlines to reduce fuel costs and CO2 emissions, today used by 64 airlines worldwide, including Air France, easyJet, DHL, Norwegian, IndiGo, flydubai, and Atlas Air.

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OpenAirlines PR
Solveig Moisan, Chief Marketing Officer

Air Austral PR contacts:
Emmanuelle Naoures, Communication & Corporate Director 

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