[Video] SkyBreathe® is acting for a greener aviation

Pilots are key players in the energy transition of aviation. Fuel efficiency best practices can change behaviors and promote energy transition.

SkyBreathe®, our eco-flying solution for airlines, is acting for a sustainable aviation. 


[Video transcript]

"Every morning, we wake up and see the young generation fight for our planet and our future.
They consider giving up flying and enjoying this world’s beauties because of aviation’s environmental impact.

Ten years ago, we had a vision that emerging digital technology could accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable aviation, and we decided to act.

That’s why we developed SkyBreathe, the first eco-flying solution to reduce aviation’s fuel costs and CO2 emissions.

Today, more and more airlines worldwide choose SkyBreathe to reduce their emission and save hundreds of millions of US dollars every year. It is so gratifying to see our vision come true and our solution being embraced by the greenest airlines in the world.

There are ways to act, we can act and do something about it.

We want to spread this world and we want others to join us, to make sure the world continues to move forward with cleaner, sustainable aviation".


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