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[Webinar] How to better communicate with your fuel team?

Date: March 21st

Time: Session 1: 8:30 am UTC/GMT - Session 2: 2:30 pm UTC/GMT (Convert to your local time)

Duration: 1h (Presentation 45min + Q&A 15min)



The cost of fuel is the arch nemesis of the airline industry, and since last year, crude oil prices have gone up. The spike in fuel price, generally airlines' biggest cost, is quickly eroding carriers' profits and jeopardizing their development. 

Good news is fuel cost does not just depend on fuel price but also on fuel efficiency.

Setting up your fuel team is often the first step but a successful fuel efficiency program can be effective only when all related staff work together and are fully engaged.

The better you communicate with your fuel team, the more efficient your fuel saving plan will be.

Get to know SkyBreathe®, the leading fuel efficiency software, and discover how its users including, Cebu PacificUkraine International Airlines, Norwegian, Porter and much more have achieved a consistent 75%+ application rate on fuel procedures.




Presented by


Erik Borrat

Account Executive @ OpenAirlines

Erik is an aviation expert with a large experience in flight efficiency and fuel optimization in flight operations.




What you'll learn
  • How to set up and engage your fuel team
  • How to better monitor your fuel efficiency process using digital technologies
  • How to distribute efficiently information regarding fuel saving procedures 
  • Real-world examples from airlines that have been there
  • Live demo and full overview of SkyBreathe
  • Plus plenty of time to have all your questions answered


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