On January 15, 2019

ON-DEMAND WEBINAR: How to use big data analytics to improve fuel efficiency?


The cost of fuel is the arch nemesis of the airline industry, and since last summer, crude oil prices have gone up. The spike in fuel prices, generally airlines' biggest cost, is quickly eroding carriers' profits and jeopardizing their development.

Fortunately, big data analytics will have significant and disruptive impact on fuel efficiency over the next 5 years. You should appropriately adjust your operations or else your company is at risk of losing competitive advantage to those who do.

Airlines cannot afford to ignore how to improve their operations using big data analytics.

Get to know SkyBreathe, the leading fuel efficiency software, and discover how its users including, Cebu Pacific, Ukraine International Airlines, Wow Air, Porter and much more have achieved a consistent 75%+ application rate on fuel procedures.


Presented by




Alexandre Feray

CEO @ OpenAirlines

Before founding OpenAirlines, Alexandre served as lead architect of Air France OCC and the Head of Air France Crew Management IT department for 8 years.




What you'll learn
  • How to identify and monitor savings by analyzing all flight data (including OFP and FDR records)
  • How to onboard and empower your pilots without dedicated resources or impact on productivity; how to provide them with a full debrief of their fuel efficiency performance after each flight via their mobile devices.
  • How to distribute information regarding best practice procedures
  • Real-world examples from airlines that have been there.
  • Live demo and full overview of SkyBreathe,
  • Plus plenty of time to have all your questions answered.


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*Please note this Webinar is for airlines and aircraft operators only.

By OpenAirlines

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