[Webinar] How to make your airline greener and more competitive thanks to fuel efficiency?

Date: March 24th

Time: Session 1: 9:30 am UTC+1 - Session 2: 4:30 pm UTC+1 

Duration: 1 hour


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Ready to address current challenges and build a new future for the aviation industry?
Forward looking airlines know that the world after will be more competitive, and they need to manage their costs and efficiency with the most modern and digital tools.
“Solutions exist that are logical more than just ecological, that can create jobs and generate profit while also reducing polluting emissions and preserving natural resources”, said Bertrand Piccard.

  • Fuel is the most important cost of an airline
  • By reducing your fuel burn, you will drastically reduce your CO2 emissions
  • At the same time, fuel is the only cost that can be reduced without compromising airlines operations.
Learn in this webinar how SkyBreathe® Fuel Efficiency can help airlines overcome the crisis and discover how its users including, Cebu Pacific, Ukraine International Airlines, Transavia, Norwegian, and much more have achieved a consistent 75%+ application rate on fuel procedures.


Presented by

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Stéphane Nitenberg

VP Sales & Marketing @OpenAirlines

With 25-years background in the digital industry in high tech environments driven by innovation, Stéphane has been working at OpenAirlines for 2 years, providing his experience in marketing & business development.

What you'll learn
  • How fuel efficiency can help airlines overcome the crisis?
  • Real-world examples of airlines that have been there
  • SkyBreathe® Analytics and Pilot engagement live demo 
  • Plus plenty of time to have all your questions answered

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*Please note this webinar is for airlines and aircraft operators only.

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