[Webinar] How can pilots make aviation more sustainable?

Date: April 14th, 2022

Time: Session 1: 9:30 am CEST - Session 2: 4:30 pm CEST

Duration: 1 hour

Join us for this engaging hour-long session as we will explain how combining eco-flying practices with digital technology is key to improving fuel efficiency.


Pilots' number one priority remains safety, closely followed by punctuality and comfort of passengers. In recent years, and now more than ever, the climate crisis and global context have accelerated the emergence of a fourth pillar: fuel efficiency.

Our special guest, Captain Hugo Possamaï, is one of the driving forces of this new generation of pilots who cares deeply about aviation’s environmental impact. During the webinar, he’ll go through some of the most effective eco-flying practices to reduce CO2 emissions. He’ll also explain the benefits of adopting a data-driven approach to assess and improve his fuel performance.

This webinar is best for:
  • Pilots
  • Head of Flight Ops & Chief Pilots
  • Fuel Managers
Things you'll learn
  • Get actionable insights to reduce fuel burn by adopting eco-flying practices and leveraging Big Data
  • How Hugo improves his individual performance using the mobile app SkyBreathe® MyFuelCoach
  • How to better engage pilots and spread green culture in your airline
  • Why pilot's engagement means better results: Transavia’s success story
  • Plus plenty of time to have all your questions answered


Erik Borrat - EMEA Account Director at OpenAirlines

Erik is an aviation expert with a large experience in flight efficiency and fuel optimization in flight operations.



Pilot-Hugo Posssamai-profile-1

Hugo Possamaï - Boeing 737 Pilot at Transavia

Hugo is a Captain on Boeing 737 at Transavia. He has 14 years of flying experience and is also an active member of the Green Pilot community. He is the producer and director at High Pressure Aviation Films.



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*Please note this webinar is for airlines and aircraft operators only.



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